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Discover Freemasonry

Curious about Freemasonry? At Spes Novum, we embrace the rich tapestry of this ancient fraternity, where history, philosophy, and spirituality intertwine. Freemasonry is not a secret society; it's a society with secrets. Let's unravel the mystery together.


What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a centuries-old fraternity grounded in principles of brotherhood, personal development, and community service. Rooted in history, Masonry has been embraced by visionaries like the Founding Fathers. Freemasonry is not merely a secret society but a beacon of light, guiding seekers on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual development. From symbolic rituals to esoteric wisdom, Masonry stands as a bastion of enlightenment, offering a unique blend of philosophy, charity, and fraternity. Each Masonic lodge is a unique community that focuses its efforts on philanthropy or community involvement. At Spes Novum, we delve into the heart of Freemasonry with a focus on education and spiritual development.

How does Freemasonry accomplish this?

Spes Novum conducts candidates through three degrees culminating with the Master Mason or Third degree. These three Symbolic Degrees create the foundational layers, introducing Masonic symbols and rituals that lay the groundwork for the broader system of philosophy that can be explored through other “Rites” or organizations with additional degrees. These degrees inculcate the unshakable principles and cardinal virtues that shape the character of every Freemason through allegory and symbolry. Brotherly love, relief, and truth form the foundation, guiding our actions in the Lodge and broader community. A Master Mason may choose to pursue additional enlightenment within the York Rite and/or Scottish Rite among many others.


What Freemasonry is NOT

Contrary to common misconceptions, Freemasonry is not a clandestine group plotting behind closed doors. Our teachings do necessitate a certain level of discretion in a man’s life. While we dedicate ourselves to the service of God, Freemasonry is not a religious sect, a political organization, or an exclusive benefits club. Freemasonry welcomes men from all walks of life, united by a shared commitment to personal growth and service to humanity. Freemasonry serves as a sanctuary for those seeking enlightenment, unity, and the shared pursuit of knowledge.

Discover Spes Novum

Nestled in the vibrant Chicago suburb of Libertyville, Spes Novum stands as a beacon for those seeking enlightenment and fellowship. Our Masonic lodge is not just a physical space; it's a sacred ground where minds meet, ideas flourish, and bonds form.


Our Focus: Education and Spiritual Development

At Spes Novum, we go beyond the surface of Masonic teachings; exploring into the depths of philosophy, history, and theology. The commitment to education sets Spes Novum apart. Our Masonic Lodge provides a platform for those intrigued by the mystical and the spiritual, inviting members to explore the hidden corners of Masonic philosophy. In recent years, we have explored the Abrahamic traditions, Kabbalah, Daoism, and physical science as a means of strengthening our relationship with our creator. We seek to uncover the profound teachings and esoteric wisdom within and without Freemasonry. 

Community Service and Fraternity

Freemasonry extends beyond the individual to embrace the collective good. Through community service initiatives, we contribute to the betterment of society, embodying the true spirit of fraternity. Join us in building a community that values compassion, integrity, and unity.


Connect with Our Founding Fathers' Legacy

The roots of Freemasonry in America trace back to the founding fathers who shaped the course of history. At Spes Novum, we honor and carry forward their legacy, drawing inspiration from the principles that guided them.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey? Explore Freemasonry with Spes Novum, where each step brings you closer to the essence of this ancient fraternity. Join us in Libertyville, and together, let's unlock the mysteries of the Masonic lodge.

Spes Novum: Illuminating Minds, Fostering Brotherhood.

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